Our Honeymoon Car - 48 Oldsmobile - Photo 2

Bernice "Celebration of Her Life" - Photo 2

Our Honeymoon Car - 48 Oldsmobile

Just a short time before we got married Paul's car had died. We bought this 1948 Olds for 48 dollars. Bernice had $30 and Paul had $20 leaving $2 for the licence. We used it for our honeymoon. Here the new bride poses with the car on our honeymoon to the Oregon coast. The front end was a little smashed and that helped us afford the car. The dealer selling it had advertised 100 cars under a $100. Eighteen months later the car died and we sold it for $20. I had told her that if the car dies on the trip we would walk home or take a bus. You don't call a wrecker for a $50 car.

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Our Honeymoon Car - 48 Oldsmobile
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