Bernice Noll's Beautiful Smile - Photo 10 Bernice "Celebration of Her Life" - Photo 10 Bernice Noll's Beautiful Smile

On the evening of November 25 we engaged an attendant to attend to her and her needs. Every two hours she sees to Bernice's comfort, talking to her in a gentle loving manner. Bernice is now in a hospital bed. Paul sleeps by her side in another hospital bed. The two beds lie side by side pushed together. At six in the morning Paul hears her breathing become very ragged. He puts his hand on her and at about 6:15 in the morning she breaths her last as God gathers her up in his arms. Paul kisses her the last time and knows she is in good hands. This picture reminds us all of her gentle beautiful smile.

Weep not in tears of Sorrow
because I've gone away,
But weep with tears of gladness
for the peace I have today.
I know that hearts are heavy
With sorrow that you bear,
But God has called me home,
My place is ready there.
My stay on earth is completed,
My final rest won,
I've received the richest blessing;
to dwell with God's own Son.

We will all miss her but Paul will see again after his final day.

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