American and British English Differences -- Page 1

1. Spelling of words ending in "our" in British English are "or" in American English. A representative list of such words is:

British American British American British American British American
arbour arbor armour armor behaviour behavior candour candor
colour color clamour clamor enamour enamor favour favor
fervour fervor flavour flavor fervour fervor harbour harbor
honour honor humour humor labour labor manoeuvre maneuver
odour odor parlour parlor rancour rancor rumour rumor
tumour tumor valour valor splendour splender vigour vigor

2. Many American words ending in "or" also end in "or" in British English. Some examples of this are:

actor anchor captor censor debtor decor donor error factor jailor manor
minor pallor pastor razor sector terror tremor tutor victor visitor