Eliminating Repetition - Page 1

Redundant (duplicating unnecessary) words waste the reader's time. Below we show some common examples that many of us use without much thought. Have you found yourself using some of them? Following the redundant phrase we have added reasons why we call them redundant. We often use them in speaking but they should never be used in writing.

1. absolutely certain Certainty has no room for doubt; it's absolute.
2. absolutely never Never is always absolute.
3. advance planning Planning is done in advance; that's what planning is.
4. and also Use one word or the other; not both.
5. and etc. Etcetera is Latin for and so forth.
6. as an added bonus If something is a bonus, it must be added.
7. ask a question It's impossible to ask anything except a question.
8. assemble together Can you assemble apart? Delete one.
9. ATM machine The M in ATM means machine.
10. basic essentials If they are essentials, they must be basic.
11. basic fundamentals It's the same as basic essentials.
12. cash money What other kind of money exists? Delete one.
13. close proximity You cannot have far proximity. Delete close
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