Substitutions for Wordy Phrases - Page 1

For years the conventional wisdom, promulgated by legal and lawyer types have endowed our language with a multitude of wordy phrases. This is often referred as government talk especially when they want to impress you, confuse you, or bamboozle you. Consider using these simpler, concise alternatives to bureaucratic, wordy phrases.

1. a considerable number of many
2. a number of some
3. absolutely essential important
4. according to our data we find
5. ahead of schedule early
6. affords the opportunity of allows
7. am of the opinion think
8. an estimated about
9. are in receipt of have
10. are of the same opinion agree
11. as a consequence because
12. as a matter of fact in fact
13. as regards about
14. ascertain the location of find
15. at all times always
16. at the conclusion of after
17. at the present time now
18. at this point in time now
19. attached herewith here is, here are
20. based on the fact that because
21. be aware of the fact that know
22. by the use of using
23. came to the conclusion realized
24. come to an agreement agree
25. concerning the matter of about
26. considering the fact that because
27. desirous of want
28. despite the fact that although
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