Evaluation of Subtle Differences of 426 Selected Sets of Synonyms -- A Total of 2307 Synonym Words -- Page 1
This is a list of some selected words and how their synonyms differ in their meaning.
  1. abolish, exterminate, extinguish, eradicate, obliterate. These verbs mean to get rid of.
  2. abuse, misuse, mistreat, ill-treat, maltreat. These verbs mean to treat a person or thing wrongfully, incorrectly, or harmfully.
  3. acknowledge, admit, own, avow, confess, concede. These verbs mean to make a disclosure, usually with reluctance or under pressure.
  4. active, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, lively. These adjectives are compared as they mean engaged in activity.
  5. admonish, reprove, rebuke, reprimand, reproach. These verbs refer to adverse criticism intended as a corrective or caution.
  6. affect, influence, impress, touch, move, strike. These verbs are compared as they mean to produce a mental or emotional effect.
  7. agree, conform, harmonize accord, correspond, and coincide. These verbs all indicate a compatible relationship between people or things.
  8. alone, lonely, lonesome, solitary. These adjectives are compared as they describe lack of companionship.
  9. also, too, likewise, besides, moreover, furthermore. These adverbs indicate the presence of or introduce something additional.
  10. ambiguous, equivocal, obscure, recondite, abstruse, vague, cryptic, enigmatic. These adjectives mean lacking clarity of meaning.
  11. anger, rage, fury, ire, wrath, resentment, indignation. These nouns denote varying degrees of marked displeasure.
  12. annoy, irritate, bother, irk, vex, provoke, aggravate, peeve, rile. These verbs mean to disturb or disquiet a person so as to evoke moderate anger.
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