Cheng Pu - 27

272 Beijing Opera Performers - Cheng Pu - Number 27

Beijing Opera - "The Two Qiao Sisters of Phoenix Terrace"

Cheng Pu with a crimson three-tile face plays a part in the list-opera "The Two Qiao Sisters of Phoenix Terrace." In the last years of the Eastern Han, when the country was in great disorder, Qioa Xuan, an official, resigned his post and returned to Danyang, his hometown. With the intention of helping talented people restore order to the country, he established the Phoenix Terrace where he recruited a volunteer corps. Qiao had two beautiful daughters, who were very capable and ambitious. The elder daughter married Sun Ce (175-200). Sun Quan's elder brother and founder of the kingdom of Wu, and the younger daughter married Zhou Yu, supreme commander of the armies of Wu. Cheng Pu was a senior general of Wu who served under both Sun Ce and Sun Quan. Place of Birth: Tuying, You Bei Ping (Presently Fengrun in Hebei Province) Life Span: AD 154 - 213 (59 Years)
Titles: Chief Commandant, Grand Administrator of Jiangxia, General of the Gentleman of the Household Who Eliminates Bandits, Commander of the Imperial Corps.
Cheng Pu was known as a man of wits and skill, able to handle different situations with a wide range of knowledge. Cheng Pu was a handsome figure and probably had his own following of retainers. It is likely that Cheng Pu first met Sun Jian when the latter was in Xu Province.

The first historical records of Cheng Pu date from the time of the Yellow Turban rebellion. Cheng Pu was appointed at the vanguard of Sun Jian's army and followed his lord in battles against the Yellow Turbans at Wan and Deng City. After the Yellow Turban rebellion was over, Sun Jian was appointed as Grand Administrator of Changsha, and Cheng Pu followed him there. When Dong Zhuo took Luo Yang, the Han Capital, Sun Jian, under command of Yuan Shu, was sent to fight Dong Zhuo as part of the alliance. Cheng Pu defeated Dong Zhuo at Yangren, and it was said that his body was covered in scars after the battle.

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