Wei Yan - 73

183 Beijing Operas - Wei Yan -Number 73

Wei Yan

Beijing Opera - "Battle of Changsha"

Wei Yan with a flowered purple-cross face plays a part in the opera "Battle of Changsha," based on an episode in "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Unofficially the '6th Tiger General of Shu', Wei Yan possessed superior combat skills. He spent many years of service under Shu as first class warrior. Wei Yan first served under Liu Biao, but he was devoted to Liu Bei. He played a key role in the overthrow of Liu Zong, a Cao Cao adherent. After Liu Biao's death, Liu Zong succeeded him, but he was forced and surrendered under the influence of Cao Cao. Although he served Liu Zong at the time, Wei Yan opened the castle gates to Liu Bei's army. In the course of fighting off Wen Pin, Wei Yan lost sight of Liu Bei and ended up serving Han Xuan in Changsha. Once again, he rebelled against his leader. By slaying Han Xuan, he rescued Huang Zhong from the executioner's blade and surrendered Changsha to Guan Yu. Thereafter, he served Liu Bei, but Zhuge Liang never trusted him and predicted that he was not a man of loyalty.

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