He Tianlong

183 Beijing Operas - He Tianlong - Number 201

He Tianlong

Beijing Opera - "Chain-Bend Stockade"

He Tianlong with a red pointed three-tile face has a role in the opera "Chain-Bend Stockade." The opera is adapted from an episode in a novel of the late Ming called "Magistrate Shi's Casebook," which describes cases handled by Shi Shilun, magistrate of Yangzhou during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (r. 1662-1722). The novel contains much that is fictitious, designed to promote feudal ideas of chivalry and loyalty to the emperor. "Chain-Bend Stockade" tells how an official of the Qing government disguised as an armed guard goes outside the Great Wall to visit Dou Erdun, chief of the stockade and a greenwood hero, and tricks him into admitting that he stole the emperor's horse. He Tianlong is one of Dou Erdun's followers.

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