Tu Xingsun  - 4

Tu Xingsun Number 4

Opera "Three-Mountain Pass"

Tuxing Sun, a dwarf with yellow symbolic face in "Three-Mountain Pass, "adapted from an episode in "Canonization of the Gods." This dwarf was a general who had the power of penetrating into the earth. He served under Deng Jiugong, a Shang general who guarded Three Mountain-Pass and fought against Liang Ziya. Deng Jiugong promised to marry his daughter Changyu to Tuxing Sun someday if he could defeat the Zhou. Later Tuxing Sun was captured by Jiang Ziya, who told him Deng Jiugong's marriage promise was only a trick. Jiang ordered Tuxing Sun to kidnap Changyu, forced her to marry thr dwarf, then sent her over to the Shang camp to persuade her father to surrender, which he did.

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