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Bao Zhen - Black Full Face

Full Face

This is a very common type of painted face, so-called presumably because more than any other types it resembles a full human face with all of its natural features. The first step is to apply a coat of paint over the entire face to serve as the principal color and to exaggerate the natural complexion. Next, the eyes, brows, nose, mouth, and tiny lines in Chinese painting, using precise, steady, and vigorous strokes.

Judge Bao Zhen's makeup in the "Ungrateful Husband is a black full face The white knitted brows symbolize loyalty to country and concern for the welfare of the people, understanding the judge's ironclad integrity and strict observance of the law. The white crescent on the middle of the forehead is a symbol of the mysterious powers possessed by this judge. who tries cases in the upper world by day and the netherworld by night.

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