People's Hotel in Chingqing

A Big Phone Bill in Chongqing

We have a Big Phone Bill

In 1984 we stayed at the People's Hotel in Chongqing. When we checked out of the hotel they told us we had a phone bill to pay. I protested that we had not made any phone calls but they said the phone company had indicated to them we owed them money. My Chinese friend said if we didn't pay they would send the police after us. I then asked how much money we owed. The hotel said we would have to go to the phone company to find out and to pay them. The phone company office was five miles away. There were no taxis in those days so we walked the five miles to the office. I asked why we owed money when we made no calls. They said we tried to make a call and there was a charge to try even though we were not successful. Before I protested too much I asked how much we owed. It was one penny U.S. We walked ten miles to pay a 1 cent bill. What a way to run a country. Well it was worth a penny for the story. It is their country and they get to run it as they see fit.

People's Hotel in Chongqing