Peng Yanbo at the Bright Angel Trailhead

Peng Yanbo (Bob) Hikes to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon - Page 1

Peng is Ready to Hike Down the Canyon

Peng Yanbo (Bob) was our student in Chengdu, Sichuan. He was in the U.S. going for an advanced degree at University of Wisconsin. After his school work was completed he came to Oregon to visit us. Shawn Chen was a teacher with us in Chengdu and he was also in the U.S. We arranged a motor trip in our van to visit some national parks in the west. One place we visited was the Grand Canyon. We got reservations for two people to hike down the bottom of the Grand Canyon so Bob and Shawn elected to go on the hike. Shawn was about 24 and Bob was about 40. Both were excited to go. It is somewhat difficult to get reservations on a moments notice but two people did not show up and so we took those two. Bernice and I stayed at the top and waited for them.

Peng at the Bright Angel Trailhead