Paul and Little Paul We Sail to Qingdao

After we had arrived in Shanghai someone from the Chinese National Academy of Sciences met us and housed us in the Academy guesthouse. We made reservations to take the boat to Qingdao. It is a two-day trip up the coast and the boat was sailing in about four days. We then toured around Shanghai. We visited the museum. They have some excellent dinosaur exhibits. We walked along the Bund where the sign still stands, "No dogs or Chinese." This is to remind the Chinese the time when the foreign powers ruled China and cut it up like a melon for their own pleasure and use.

We took a cruise down the Huangpu River out to the mouth of the Ocean. It was a fun trip and they had entertainment aboard the ship. Paul got put into a magician's act. The man made Paul disappear. Fortunately he was also brought back again. Finally the day came for the ship to set sail for Qingdao. We went to the dock ready to get aboard. They then informed us that the ship would not sail because there was a bad storm off the coast. It would be three days before it could leave. So we toured the city for three more days.

Paul Noll and Hua Masun at Laoshan Springs

When the three days were up we went to the boat dock to get aboard. They informed us that we needed to pay a 500-dollar fine because we were changing our ticket and had not left when our ticket said we to leave. No discussions could change their minds. If we didn't pay the fine we could just stay there. My motto that helps me in situations like this is: "It is their country, they get to run it the way they want." We paid the fine. We had a wonderful time in Qingdao with one of our students Hua Masun. His English name is Paul, so everybody calls him "Little Paul." He worked at the Chinese Academy of Science there in Qingdao at the Institute of Oceanology and Liminology. He was a good friend. He now lives in Florida. He is an international expert on Blue-Green Algae.