Crescent Moon Pool in Xinjiang Province China

Crescent Moon Pool

8. Crescent Moon Pool Pavilion

In the south bank of crescent moon lake a pavilion stands tall and erect. It has an empress palace (niangniangdian), a dragon royal palace (longwanggong), and a Bodhisattva palace (pusadian.Crescent Moon Spring is in the middle of Singing Sands Mountains and is quite literally an oasis in the desert. The width between north and south is only 54 meters. It is really a mini lake surrounded by sand. The Spring's name derives from the crescent moon shape the small pool of spring water has taken between two large sand dunes. Although the area is very dry, the pool doesn't dry up as one might expect. Plenty of float grass grows at the bottom waving in the clear water. Whether it is rainy or dry, the transparent spring changes little.

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