Chinese Temple Scenes

8. Anyue Buddhist Temple

Anyue Buddhist Temple

The Sleeping-Buddha Temple is located in Bamiao Village about 40 kilometers from the county seat of Anyue. Construction of the Sleeping-Buddha Temple started in the Tang Dynasty and lasted to the period of the Five Dynasties. It boasts 139 grottos housing 1,600 statues carved along 500 meters of cliffs. The most magnificent site is the "Nirvana of the Left-Reclining Sakyamuni," the world's largest left-reclining Buddha. This huge statue was carved out of a cliff 5 meters high on the northern slope of the temple. The Buddha is 23 meters long; his head alone is 3 meters long. With his feet pointed west, the Buddha faces south, with a lotus flower pillow supporting his head. He has a high nose and deep-set eyes, half closed to give him a solemn expression. He wears a thin kasaya, with hands stretched out horizontally and feet bared.

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