Crayola Magic Scent Colors in Hex for Web Pages

Back in the early 1990s Crayola came out with a product line called Magic Scents. The idea was that the crayons released a specific and familiar scent when they were colored. This line came in what we loosely refer to as two types: food-related crayons and non-food related crayons. They also came in two different package sizes: 8 color and 16 color. Another difference is that the 8 crayon boxes were actually large (SL2) crayons, not the standard size found in the 16 boxes. It has commonly been associated that for the USA boxes, the food-related boxes can be identified because they show a strawberry and grapes on the front package and that the non-food related boxes contain a rose and an evergreen tree on the front. The idea here being that you can eat a strawberry or grape but weren't likely to eat a rose or evergreen. Jelly Bean (wasn't in every pack).

Original Scents:
Banana Blueberry Bubble Gum Cherry Chocolate Coconut Grape Fresh Air
Lemon Licorice Lime Orange Peach Pine Rose Strawberry
Replacement Scents:
Baby Powder Cedar Chest Daffodil Dirt Eucalyptus Fresh Air Leather Jacket Lilac
Lumber New Car Pine Rose Shampoo Smoke Soap Tulip
Color Number 1 Color Number 2 Color Number  Color Number 4 Color Number 5 Color Number 6 Color Number  7 Color Number 8 Color Number 9 Color Number 10
1. Baby Powder #FAF8EB 2. Banana #FFDE00 3. Blueberry #4F86F7 4. Bubble Bum #FFC1CC 5. Cedar Chest #C95A49 6. Cherry #DE3163 7. Chocolate #A27037 8. Coconut #FEFBF7 9. Daffodil #FFFF31 10. Dirt #9B7653
Color Number 11 Color Number 12 Color Number 13 Color Number 14 Color Number 15 Color Number 16 Color Number 17 Color Number 18 Color Number 19 Color Number 20
11. Eucalyptus #44D7A8 12. Fresh Air #B2DBEF 13. Grape #6F2DA8 14. Jelly Bean #DA614E 15. Leather Jacket #213944 16. Lemon #FDFF00 17. Licorice #1A1110 18. Lilac #C8A2C8 19. Lime #BFFF00 20. Lumber #FFE4CD
Color Number 21 Color Number 22 Color Number 23 Color Number 24 Color Number 25 Color Number 26 Color Number 27 Color Number 28 Color Number 29 Color Number 30
21. New Car #214FC6 22. Orange #FF7538 23. Peach #FFCBA4 24. Pine #47AF43 25. Rose #F23C4E 26. Shampoo #FFCFF1 27. Smoke #738276 28. Soap #CEC8EF 29. Strawberry #FC5A8D 30. Tulip #FF878D