Xona.com Color List

Xona.com Color List

The list/table was created to demonstrate the vast difference between non-gamma corrected and gamma corrected colors, on a display that requires a gamma correction of 2.5. The gamma value of 2.5 was chosen as the most commonly used displays (CRTs, LCDs, etc.) all require a gamma correction of ~2.5.

The colors in this list are a collaboration of various large color lists all over the Internet: 1. Resene RGB Values List 2. RGB colour space 3. X11 color names

I have modified some of the color names, from the above lists in the following manner: I capitalized all the names, I inserted spaces between words, I replaced underscores with spaces, I replace all "grey" with "gray", I deleted duplicates, of course, I appended numbering, I did this when there were too many similar colors of the same name for each to have its own unique name. At least one of the original color lists I create this list from already had color names that were numbered. I appended descriptive terms. Whenever possible, I tried to do this rather than append a number.

I used "Black", "Dark", "Medium", "Light", and "Bright" ("Black" being the darkest, and "Bright" being the lightest) to distinguish between different shades of the same color based on visual expectation and also on luminosity of the color, calculated via 30:59:11 R:G:B luminous ratio. I used "Blue," etc. to distinguish colors that have tinges of blue, for example.

This Xona.com color list has modified names, slightly different from the standards found all over the Internet. If you do not wish to use a list with changed names, then DO NOT USE THIS LIST.

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