Bernice Noll Biography, 2014 - Page 2

1989 Taught Oral English classes in Thailand.
1994-95 Taught Oral English at Lujiang University in Xiamen to first, second and third year Chinese students.
1998-99 Taught Oral English at SIAS University of Business and Management in Xinzheng, China.
1998-99 Taught Oral English at Keming and Jingmi Private Middle schools, grades 1st through high school.
I worked as Vice-Principal of Guanghua Private School in Wuhan, China (4,000 students).
2000-2002 My husband and I have lectured on China and Chinese history and culture for many groups including the University of Oregon.
2004 Worked as Assistant Vice-President at SIAS City College in Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Business, 1977-1990:
My husband and I ran our own company training programmers how to design and code COBOL Programs. We have trained over 8,000 programmers how to use better methods of programming and design. Some of our clients include: Bank of America, Levi Strauss, Federal Reserve Bank, Army/Air Force Exchange Service, State of Idaho, Acme Markets, Wal-Mart, and Federal Mogul.
Outside Activities:
I have co-authored three books for teaching Oral English to Chinese University Students.
I have traveled to some 40 countries setting up computer educational seminars and training for Paul Noll and Associates. I have dealt with many large corporations and Countries assisting them with their computer educational needs.
I act as copilot and navigator for our Company plane when traveling.
Personal: I was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1929. I am married and have 2 sons 57, and 54. In October 22, 2014 Bernice was diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia and died on November 26, 2014.

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