Harry Shively and his Wife

Harry Shively RA 14342229

Harry Shively and his Wife Helen

Harry enlisted in the Army 1 June 1950, took Basic at Fort Knox KY, attended Fort Monmouth, NJ Signal School in 1950-51. He arrived in Korea in early August 1951. He was assigned to the 581st Signal RR Company at the Taejon Relay (which was already established). He spent the Fall and Winter 51-52 there. When they discovered the signals would carry from a site near Seoul to Salem Relay, they shut down Taejon Relay and he was reassigned to the Salem Relay (which was also an established site) in the Spring of 52. During the Summer of 52 he was sent to the Western Mountains to teach some ROK troops how to set up a Relay Station. They called the site "Piggy San." The ROK troops were there to flush out some guerrillas or bandits out of the hills. In the Fall of 52 he went back to Salem Relay. He left Korea on his birthday, 24 Jan 53. He then was assigned to Fort Bragg, NC to mark time and repair desk phones until Uncle Sam gave him his freedom on 1 June 53. Why he left home to go to Korea he still wonders. His lovely wife is happy to have him home now

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