Paul Boot Shine
16. I Meet General Ridgeway, Supreme Commander -- 1951

Heading off to Start a new Radio Station Two of us were in my truck on our way to set up a new radio relay station. We had a full load in the truck and a loaded trailer behind us. We were minding our own business when we met a jeep coming towards us. I pulled over to the right as much as I could to let them pass. As they came up closer to us I got a shock. The jeep had a red flag on the front bumper. And the flag had four stars on it.

Not Good News As we pass each other the jeep slows down and almost stops perhaps thirty feet behind us. General Ridgeway stands up and turns around to look at us. Now correct military procedure, at least in the states, calls for us to stop dismount and salute. We had done none of this. We both gasp and decide that we will just keep going and hope for the best. Thankfully nothing came of it but we were somewhat distressed for a while and then later in relief we laughed. Somewhat later we stopped in Chongju for a break and get our boots shined. The kids need the money to help their families and we like to help. The shoeshine boy charges only 100 Won, about 1.6 cents. I like to give them at least 200 Won. Corporal Mason Dunkle is also getting his boots shined next to me.

Cpl. Noll on a Break