Cpl. Mason Dunkle and Cpl. Paul Noll
7. I Prepare a Feast for our Radio Station-- 1951

We Get a Wonderful Windfall of Chow One day when I drove to the Quartermaster to get food for the station I got a big surprise. They offered a big 10 pound beef roast to me. We had only 5 men but the roast was frozen and it was take all or none. That is not a difficult decision. I took it gladly. However, I knew we had no cooking equipment or utensils, nothing! All my life I have approached problems differently than many folks. To me a problem has another name. It is an opportunity. Something to solve not to fret over. Thinking over the situation I needed something to cook our bonanza. I took a transmitter case after removing the transmitter. It was big enough but the lid slid over the outside of the top. I washed out the case and put some rocks on the bottom to sit the roast on. I put about four inches of water in the case and put it on the potbelly stove. As it steamed the water came out the sides of the lid but I just kept adding more water every so often.

Cpls. Mason Dunkle and Paul Noll

I got some native Koreans to sell us some onions and potatoes, which I added some 6 hours after starting the roast. It took almost 14 hours to cook the roast. It was absolutely impossible to not drool smelling that roast as the juices dripped on the top of the stove. It just whetted our appetite, as we smelled it over that long time. It was a wonderful dinner for everyone.