Cpl. Noll after a month on Hill 610

22. Cpl. Noll is Court Martialed -- 1951 - Page 1

Leave from the Hospital After I had spent about a week in the MASH Unit recovering I was given permission to leave the hospital for a walk in the sun. After getting a pair of crutches I set off walking to town to just get away from the hospital and its smells. At that time I could read/write and speak Korean fairly well. I met a Korean gentleman and we were talking about things. I wanted to practice my speaking Korean. He was fascinated that an American GI could speak Korean. After a while he invited me to a restaurant to have a meal. I went along and it was a good dinner and I was enjoying being away from the hospital.

Arrested by MPs About 8:00 PM there was some loud noises and some Army Military Police came in and said I was under arrest. When I asked about the charges they said I was "Out of Bounds" and "Violation of Curfew". It also turned out that in the back of the restaurant was a brothel. So about 10 of us were taken to a night Court Martial. It was conducted by a Colonel. He asked each one of us how we pleaded. Those who pled not guilty were taken to cells to wait for their trial. Anyone who pleaded guilty was immediately found guilty and their papers were signed by the Colonel.

Cpl. Noll on Hill 1157