Paul in his Truck
19. I Get a Speeding Ticket in Korea-- 1951

Driving on an Official Errand One day I was sent on a trip for some POL supplies. POL is Petrol, Oil, and Lubricants. We needed our gasoline supplies replenished. I took a couple of Korean lads who worked for us to help load the fifty-gallon drums of gas. On the way we came to the Eight Army Headquarters. There were lots of brass everywhere and lots of activity. I saw a sign saying, "3 MPH Speed Limit." I slowed down as much as I could. Now you have to understand that in Korea the roads are pretty bad. Rarely do you ever get to go faster than 20 MPH due to the condition of the roads. All roads were unpaved, just dirt or mud.

A Military Policeman on Foot Stops Me As I pass the main building an MP on foot holds his hand up to stop me. He says that I am speeding. He said that if he has to walk fast to catch me then I am going too fast. Then he writes me a speeding ticket and cautions me to go slower. The speedometer on the trucks does not register at three MPH. I graciously took the ticket and politely waited for a few miles and then threw it away. One nice thing about being in the 581st Signal Radio Relay Company is that no one knows who or where you are. We worked in five-man teams and they would have no idea where to find me. What will they do anyway? I never heard anything about it after that day.

Cpl. Paul Noll in his Truck