Canned Apple Butter

Definitions of Juices, Nectars, Butters, Jams and Jellies

Juice -- Juice is the liquid of a fruit or vegetable without any of the pulp. Sugar is optional and only used if you desire the juice to be sweeter.

Nectar -- Nectars are the juice and pulp of a fruit or vegetable. Sugar is optional and only used to make the nectar sweeter if desired. Nectars are often made from peaches, pears and apricots. Sometimes we will add pineapple and spices to our nectars.

Butter -- Butters are the juice and pulp of the fruit and some sugar. It is boiled to reduce the liquid content to make it thicker. It has much less sugar then jams and does not use pectin to make it jell. Generally used on bread or toast as a soft spread. Butters are often made from apples, peaches, apricots, and pears.

Jam -- Jams are stiff spreads made using pectin to get the jam to jell. Jams use lots of sugar. The sugar is required to act with the pectin to get the jam to gel.

Jelly -- Jellies are like a jam but the pulp and seeds are removed. They require lots of sugar and they need pectin to get the jelly to set. Jellies are often made from apple, berries, currants, cherries grape, mint and plums. Clear jellies will need to be strained through cheese cloth.
We Canned Some Apple Butter