Blueberry Jam Boiling

Success in Canning Jams Tips

  1. Check rims of jars for imperfections.
  2. Use canning jars.
  3. Use new lids.
  4. Use exact measurement of fruit.
  5. Use exact measurement of sugar.
  6. Follow your pectin instructions; we use powdered Sure-Jell.
  7. Add Pectin.
  8. Bring to hard rolling boil (a hard boil cannot be stirred down).
  9. Add sugar.
  10. Bring to hard rolling boil.
  1. Hard rolling boil for 60 seconds, time carefully.
  2. Use correct headspace (1/4 inch for jams).
  3. Wipe rims before applying lids.
  4. Tighten rings properly (snugly but not excessive force).
  5. Use correct processing time.
  6. Remove and let cool, do not adjust rings.
  7. Some jams take up to 2 weeks to set.
  8. Remove rings and wash in warm soapy water.
  9. Store in cool, dark space without rings.
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Blueberry Jam Boiling