Canning with Splenda (R)
Splenda (R)

With proper canning techniques, SPLENDA(R) Granular can be successfully used in place of sugar. SPLENDA(R) Granular No Calorie Sweetener is heat stable and can be used as a sweetener in canning and in making jams and jellies. However, it does not provide the preservative properties of sugar, so proper canning techniques are essential to avoid spoilage. Always consult a reliable sugarless canning resource.

Over-ripe and under-ripe fruits and vegetables are not recommended. Fruit and vegetable jam recipes are formulated to work with the specific amount of natural pectin found in ripe fruit as well as the sugarless commercial pectin that is added. As fruit naturally ripens, the natural pectin in it decreases. So, using over-ripe fruit may result in a very soft set or no set at all.

Regular pectin needs sugar and acid to gel. When sweetening homemade jams and jellies with SPLENDA (R) Granular, you must use a pectin specifically manufactured for sugarless or low-sugar canning. These are low methoxyl pectins. The SPLENDA(R) test kitchen recommends using SURE JELL(R) Fruit Pectin for Lower Sugar Recipes, Pomona's Universal Pectin, and Mrs. Wages (R) Lite Home Jell (R) Fruit Pectin. Regular pectin will not gel with SPLENDA(R) Granular.

Always refer to a sugarless canning recipe when using a no calorie sweetener like SPLENDA(R) Granular, so that proper safety measures are followed, and the desired consistency is achieved. The use of a commercial no sugar pectin is also necessary to achieve gelling.

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