Bernice Bakes Cookies

Bernice Noll Testing Our Cookies

Bernice and Paul Bake Cookies

In December 2002, Bernice and Paul Noll baked cookies for the Holidays. We made four kinds of cookies. Snickerdoodles, Molasses, Peanut Butter and Ice Box cookies. Now that tells our age. Today, Ice Box cookies are now called Refrigerator cookies. Paul has doubled all of our recipes. You may wish to halve the recipes. Paul remembers as a boy of seven being told by his mother that he could make cookies or cake anytime he wished and Mom would clean up. So he has been making for some 65 years. We work together when making cookies. Bernice gets out and puts away the ingredients. Paul mixes up the batter, Bernice puts them on the cookie sheets, and packs them away. She also tests them for taste. She claims it generally requires several cookies to completely test them. But then again, she does the clean up. We made about 30-40 dozen cookies. The kids and grandkids will be coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Bernice Noll Tests Ice Box Cookies