Our Home when We Bought it Nolls Hayward, California Home - 1961 - 1980

2. Our Home when We Bought it

When we purchased this property the place had not a single flower, plant or tree growing on it. We picked up trash and wood laying all around and built fires that took 24 hours to burn out. We picked up two barrels of glass where someone had thrown whisky and beer bottles out the back yard. Dad hired the janitor who worked at the telephone company where he worked to clean the house and polish the floors. It just was so dirty. Every door had a hole in the wall where the knob had smashed into the wall because the door stops had not been installed.The sinks had to be replaced. The good news was that the price represented the poor condition. That allowed us to afford this potentially wonderful home. We bought it for $26,000 and sold it for $220,000.

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