Mom, Dad and Loren

My Brother Loren Webster

5. Mom, Dad and Loren

In 1942 the family moved from Arlington California to Eatonville Washington. Dad worked at a Dam construction project there. After that we moved to Fontana California. Dad had a job at the nearby Kaiser Steel Mills as a welder. He welded tong bits. I kept asking him about this and eventually he took me to the mill and showed me. In 1943 Mom had a baby boy who they named Loren after Dad's brother. All of us greeted the event with great excitement. I think Mom wanted a girl, but after four boys she gave into the enviable. The new son especially excited my Dad. My new brother meant a lot to me. As the youngest, I now became a middle kid. And he was so much fun. I loved to hold him and play with him. I could get him to giggle and smile with little effort. Note the picket fence in back. I'll talk more about that later.

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