Solo Sign off

Paul Noll Learns to Fly at Hayward, California

2. Instructor Signs off for Paul to Solo

I obtained my 3rd Class Medical and students license on April 17, 1973. Before I took lessons I had studied and passed my airman's ground test. That shows you know the rules of the air, can read charts, and know procedures in communication with other planes and airports. Some 13 days later I had acquired enough skill, according to my flight instructor to solo. He signed the solo authorization on 30 April. After three supervised solos he then allowed me to practice until I have obtained enough skill to take a long distance solo flight. This he authorized on July 1. You must make 3 long distance solo flights to distance airports you have not gone to before. My fist long distance flight was from Hayward to Salinas. You get someone in authority to sign at Salinas to verify you got there.

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