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One evening I began to experience sharp pains in my upper chest. I realized something was not right but that it was not a heart attack. Bernice quickly dialed 911 and an ambulance arrived shortly. After a quick check we began a quick ride to the hospital some 11 miles away in Springfield, Oregon. By then I was having sharp pains in my chest and each breath made it worse. The emergency room began tests to determine the problem. One by one tests failed to reveal the problem. More tests were taken.

I was wheeled down various corridors and left in the hallway waiting my turn in a room being occupied for another test. Each breath hurt more and more. I closed my eyes and prayed. As I lay there with my eyes closed, a gentle voice said, "Would you like me to hold your hand?" Without opening my eyes I said a grateful yes. My hand was then held by someone.

Paul gets an Ambulance Ride
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