Wayland at Nine

Lark Ellen Home for Boys after 1940

My Name is Wayland. I lived at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys from April 1937 to April 1941. I entered at age 9 to the Lark Ellen home before they widened Olympic Boulevard, formerly Louisiana Street.

Remember Paul, that the Lark Ellen that you and I knew only existed before 1940. After mid 1940 many changes took place and Lark Ellen became increasingly a part of the juvenile court system. When you and I were there, most of the boys were either orphans, or boys from families that were going through hard time and just needed some help for a short time. After mid 1940 a goodly number were wards of the court. It certainly wasn't the carefree place you and I knew.

After World War II, the home was moved out to West Covina and became even more deeply involved in the juvenile justice system.

This is not meant to reflect badly on the boys who were sent to Lark Ellen after 1940. I'm sure that Mr. Miller (the superintendent after mid 1940) selected most of them because he saw in them the qualities needed to succeed and do well. It just means that before 1940 Lark Ellen was an easygoing place with minimal rules and regulations. After 1940 things were different.

Brother Garland Sits on the
Lions in front of the Home