Ron Beebe - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1952-1953

My name is Ron Beebe and I consider myself lucky to have been at Lark Ellen [ the Home] as it was referred to by those in town. I was there 1952-53. I must have been about 13 or 14.

Yes add my name to the Home list. Also my E-mail. As for memories and stories, the memories where all good. I remember one time, a bunch of us were taken to the Long Beach Pike for a day of free rides and a swim in a large indoor pool. And a Christmas trip to the Biltmore Hotel in L.A. A trip provided by the Lions Club, I think. The rest was local stuff. Smug pots in the winter, walking to high school through the orange groves. Playing hooky from school and going hiking in the mountains on a day to nice for school. The old barn, where a couple of us used a stall to keep our snake cages. We had a few snakes. Had some good tennis games with Terry Barney. Also Canasta card games as well. I have some pictures of the Home somewhere. Like I say nothing but warm memories. It would be nice to hear from some old friends. I went to Jr. High, then Citrus High. I remember Tex Mc Hale very, we were good friends. There was also Doug Matheson, Jim and Bobby Downs, Cecil Morris, Jack Woolridge, George Miller, Keith Burns [he loved drawing, and was good]. I also remember Terry Barney. That was the era I was there. I had a great time there. I have to also mention Jay Fair, Mrs. Fair and Mrs. Whitcomb. Great people. Would be nice to make contact with old friends.

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