Kenneth Curry - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys

My name is Kenneth Curry. I lived at Lark Ellen from 1967 to 1970.

Hi my name is Kenneth Curry and I lived at Lark Ellen Home for Boys from 1967 to about 1970-71. I especially remember Pop Cannon and singing in the choir. I remember William Reynolds who was an actor and put on plays at the home, Clayton Miller and his guitar, Art Briones who handled athletics. Also Mrs. Scroggins and her Irish accent and I really just loved Mr. Ray Shaunessy who was my counselor and who took me to his house once over the holidays because I didn't have any family. We did things I had never done before and he was so kind and gentle with me. I remember being with him on his couch watching television together, we had so much fun. Then there was Mr. and Mrs. Dickey she was a house mother and he was my special friend who worked in maintenance. Sadly most of them are gone now but all in all I have very fond memories of the place and most of the people. I can even remember the faces and names of some of the boys I was friends with. I don't know if anyone would remember me but, I remember them and all the fun we had.

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