Peter Dafferner Story - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1958- 1960

I stayed at the home from the fall of 1958 through Jan. 1960. My time there was less than ideal, i that I had been sent there via the Criminal court system. That being said I had, have only warm memories, In Jan. 1960 I was remanded back into the juvenile lock up system. I never did know why that happened. I am now living in the New York area, I often think about my stay.

I was 15 when I was placed at Lark Ellen, 16 when I left. I do remember some of the names Willie Williams, Cope, Lapiola, Gates, a little guy, first name Burt. Another who comes to mind was an older boy named Duffy, he was something of an athlete, one more boy I believe his name was Ty? I have written an autobiography which is currently being edited, there are some parts of my life during my stay in California which are not quite clear, I will be in L.A. for three -four days and had hoped to revisit some of the areas where i lived.

Peter Dafferner

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