Ralph Kuehl - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1939-1942

My name is Ralph Kuehl. I was there 1939 - 1942. My dad was an alcoholic and didn't want or could support me. I think the volunteers of America were running the place then. I remember the man running the place - he administered the punishment.

Each wing on the second floor had house mothers and it gave some normalcy to life there. We visited Lark ellen at her home, elsewhere, and was impressed. She, in her younger days, could span, I think, 3.5 octaves during her singing career.

I was and still am now impressed with orphanages. I wish they would still have them now. I am now 82 and was in the Navy and later became an electronic engineer working in aero space, autonetics, Hughes Aircraft ,etc in California.

I can't remember any of the boys names but I got a nickname of 'jew boy' because of my german name and I would not give a bully a nickel. It was all I had to my name. Maybe someone remembers me.

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