Ed Lee in 1962

Ed Lee - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1962 - 1965

Almost everyone went by their last name. My last name was Lee. I stayed at Lark Ellen for 2 1/2 years. I was 12 when I got there and almost 15 when I left. Some of the people I remember were Charles Humdy, Dan Bebee, Gary Shaduk, a guy whose last name was Schafer, a guy they called Monk and a guy they called Drummer Boy.

The Safari's came to the home and played.

I also remember Mrs. Twitty, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Patton (who recruited me), and Pop, who was the maintenance man. The cook, I don't remember her name but she looked like she could have done well in the WWF arena. C.J. Miller was still involved but his son was really running things.

We buried a time capsule out by the flag pole one year. I went to public school at Foothills Jr. High. We were in gym out on the field when we heard of Kennedy's assignation. One thing that a guy never forgets is his laundry (mine was number 967).

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