Barry Norton - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1957

My name is Barry Norton. I went to Lark Ellen on Saturday, March 16 1957. I was in Lark Haven cottage and the huse mother was Ma Hoxworth (Martha Hozworth). I was expelled ou of my Jr. High School. I was informed that Lark Ellen home for boys have a special school so there is where I went

There were only 12 weeks left in the school year. My school transcripts took the scenic route so I dived into my schoolwork and left to my own devices in only 5 weeks. I passed the seventh grade, at my request I was tested and the teacher, Mr. Barrett told me that I belonged in high school, not Jr. High.

Afterwards I was an eighth grader, there was due to other things not enough time topass the eighth grade, however, I almost passed it. I was one of the worst kids there at first. I also beat up the home bully in a sanctioned fight by the boy's director Mr. William Latta. It took only about 5 minutes and Steve Lunsford said "No more, no more." I just stood ther with my hands by down by my side. Mr. Latta took off his gloves and he ran back to his cottage, Then Mr. Latta took off my gloves and said, "Good fight."

In August I became the boy of the month. The place was at 6620 North Citrus Ave. in Azusa, CA. I was there until Friday, June 14, 1958. I am writing a book and Lark Ellen is a big part of it.