Robert Schoonderwoerd - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1953 - 1956

Hello, my name is Robert Schoonderwoerd. I want to thank you for the memories your page brought back. I am a great grandfather now so some of my memories are fading a little.

My Brother Bert and I went to live at Lark Ellen when I was 14. My brother left after about a year but I stayed at Lark Ellen from 1953 to 1956. I attended Citrus Union High School. Mr. Carl J. Miller was the superintendent and Mr. Ken Gamble was the assistant superintendent. My first housemother was "Mammy" Yocum and later "Mom and Pop" Boyer were my house parents. I have many good memories of living there. Seeing some of the thoughts and memories of others brought back a lot more for me. It would be nice to hear from people and share. Thank you again.

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