Kirk Weyant - My Stay at the Lark Ellen Home for Boys - 1964 to 1965

My Name is KIrk Weyant. I was the age of 14 when I entered. I was there from 1964 - 1965. Thanks for reply. I would not recognize any of the names. It was like a modern update positive Oliver Twist deal for sure. In what other setting could one understand the liberty of adventure. It taught me adventure in which now at 67 went the expanse of the globe. Lived three years in India.

We had a football team and we was really good. The coach was a semi or pro golfer. The team was incredibly fast and smart. Had a quarterback that was definitely our franchise. Played all over Fred C Nellis CYA, fort Irwin. Great experience. Taught me mental discipline and the pleasure of succeeding. Guy ran the place looked like Captain Kangaroo with his hair combed back. Don't know extent of my time there exactly at least a year. I took off couple times once right during the watts riots 65'. Wow crappy food but clean basic lunches where I learned no sandwich was bad when you crushed potato chips in it.

Was in The dormitory to the right coming in second floor. Bathrooms in back with smoking lounge LOL. Well as stated a negative deal that got a lot more negative in my latter teens until took stick of my self and headed for life as an adventure and succeeded in that. Oh yeah 3 kids (two in law enforcement) 6 grandkids and 2 great grandkids from it all. All healthy none really had what I did. Regards, Kirk N. Weyant

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