Paul at Photography Studio

Paul Noll Growing Up

Paul in 8th Grade

This is my graduation Picture taken at a Photo Studio. I was about to graduate from Junior High School to High School. Junior High was in Fontana, CA. Fontana had no High School in those days (1943) and we were bused to Chaffey Union High School in Ontario. It was a long bus ride. Chaffey HS had a big swimming pool so for PE we went swimming. I loved it. I went to Chaffey for two years until we moved to Monterey Park. I had a job working for the local Cafe as a waiter, and also worked for the man in charge of the LA Times and the man in charge of the LA Examiner. I had to get papers out to all the kids that sold newspapers and to the delivery boys also. Then I sold papers myself. I would sell 500 newspapers on Saturday. I also sold popcorn on Sundays for the Los Angeles Ram NFL team. I would sell 2500 bags of popcorn at a game. You couldn't sell during the game in the stands. I made 2 cents a bag and that came to $50. I also sold popcorn at the Los Angeles Angels Baseball games. A girlfriend's father had the popcorn concession. I had a number of other jobs as well. I loved working.