Chet at Birth, 1957

Chet Leland Noll at Birth

Chet Leland Noll

Chet was born at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Walnut Creek. He was born at about 4:00 AM after 36 hours of labor. Bernice wore out 3 doctors in those 36 hours. It was touch and go during that time. We almost lost both of them. Bernice spent ten days in the hospital recovering. Chet nursed well for the first three months. He would wake up at night hungry so the doctors prescribed some food to help him sleep more. That was when the food problems began. His enzymes were not developed enough to allow him to digest foods. It eventually was determined that he could handle four foods, rice cereal, lamb baby food, pre-digested milk and applesauce. Mom spent a lot of time on latrine duty during those first few years. Chet remained cheerful throughout those trying times. Here he is shown with his proud Dad.

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