Barn, Chicken House and Chickens

24. Chet Decides to Feed the Chickens - 1965

One day while we were living at Hayward, California it began to rain. It was a light rain and we stayed indoors playing some games. Chet was in the chicken business and I sold his eggs for him to fellow workers at the phone company. The guys there were all too happy to buy fresh eggs and it was a good business for Chet to earn some money. Chet was good about taking care of his chickens but he had not had them too long and he needed a reminder at times in case he forgot to feed them. About 6:00 PM I asked Chet if he had fed the chickens.

Chet said he had not fed them. When he appeared not to go feed them I asked why. Chet replied, "It's raining." I thought about that for a short while and then after a short silence I told Bernice, "Chet would not be eating dinner with us this evening." Chet perked up immediately and I could see his eyes begin to water and he was very concerned about not getting supper. He asked me why he was not to eat with us. I answered, "Because it's raining." I could actually see his brain registering this and then he said, "I think I will go feed the chickens now."

One of Chet's Chickens