Chet Leland Noll

27. Chet Shows some Wisdom

We went to the grocery store to do some shopping. The whole family was together, Landon, Chet, Bernice and me. We were living in Hayward, California and Paul was working at Pacific Telephone Company there in town. We had just turned off Main street to go into the parking lot when a problem seemed to develop. A lady driving a big Cadillac was coming out of the parking lot and had a problem. The problem was that she was trying to exit the lot in a place marked entrance only. Several cars were trying at the same time to enter the lot including us. The lady in the Cadillac was not going to be denied. The three of us had to slowly back up so she could exit the lot via the entrance. There was a certain amount of horn honking on the part of the other cars. We patiently waited while watching this fiasco with a certain amount of amusement.

Finally after a certain amount of jockeying around the Cadillac managed to exit and we all entered the lot. Chet calmly remarked to one and all, "It is amazing how much easier life is when you follow some basic rules." I still wonder at my son's wisdom at times and how smart he has become. We were proud of him that day and still are. I knew that day he would make his way through life better than many would.

Chet Leland Noll at Nine