Island of Maui Beach

10. Paul's First Visit to Hawaii - 1951 - Part 1

Soldier Returns from War in Korea In December of 1951 Corporal Paul Noll was returning from his two years in Korea. The troop ship he was on arrived in Hawaii on the 20th of December. They were unloading some troops back from Korea who lived in Hawaii. The ship arrived at about 2:00 AM during a rainstorm in Honolulu. The ship was in the harbor for about two hours and then we got underway on the way to San Francisco. On the 22nd of December we arrived in San Francisco where a band playing greeted us. After a wonderful banquet we were dispersed to various military posts near our homes. Because my home was in Monterey Park and the Army confused that with Monterey I was sent to Fort Ord near Monterey.

My Uncle John Rescues Me After a quick call home my mother arranged for my Uncle John to drive to Fort Ord to get me home. I was very thankful for his help. He arrived in his pickup and armed with a thirty-day pass I was headed for home I had not seen since early 1949. I arrived home on the evening of December 24th about 7:00 PM. My mother has so happy to see me alive and well.

Beach on the Island of Maui