We Head for Newport, Oregon

33. Mary Poppins Rides in My Airplane

One of my students from The Chinese National Academy of Sciences had come to the United States to do some research work. We had toured around the Western USA and now Sherry Liu had to report to the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. She was to spend some months there operating their Electron Microscope. I told her I would take her there in my airplane. My airplane was a four-seater Cessna 182. We would be landing at the airport at Newport and someone there would take us to the Science center. Bob (Peng Yanbo) was staying with us and he went along for the ride.

Sherry is the young lady that we went to visit in Guangzhou when we had the difficulty with the boat that stopped before the city. Well we got under way and it was an easy uneventful pleasant ride. I did, however, notice that she had an umbrella with her and it was open. I didn't think much about it. I thought that it was wet and she wanted to dry it out. After we got back Bob confessed to me that he had told her it was not too safe flying in our small plane and she should take her umbrella just in case. I had a good laugh. The Chinese do not tease much and Bob had learned that from me.

Paul Noll and Peng Yanbo