Paul at Seven

5. Paul Puts his Shoes on the Wrong Foot - 1937

My Mother discovered one day that I had my shoes on the wrong foot. The left foot was on the right and vice-versa. Now I didn't do it every day but any time was too many. She determined to teach me how to put my shoes on the right foot. She showed me how to place the shoes on the floor in the right order with the inside curve next to each other. I had no trouble to figure that out and she was pleased I had learned so quickly.

However for the next three days I had the shoes on the wrong foot every day. I was going from bad to worse. She carefully explained it all to me again and I had no problem. But the next day when I came home from school they were on the wrong foot again. She then determined to find out why I was having trouble. She secretly watched me as I put on my shoes. I carefully placed them on the floor correctly just as she had taught me. Then she discovered my problem. I always crossed my feet when putting on my shoes, a habit I still have today. That little act undid the careful placement. She then discussed it with me and the problem was solved.

Paul Noll in 1937