Drawing a Beijing Opera Masks - Page 2
Opera Face Example Opera Face Example Opera Face Example

Forth: Draw black color using Chinese line ink. Draw black eyeholes again with pen brush. Put apart white eyeballs. Then draw small mouth corner black. The change pen brush, dipping Chinese ink, draw two hooks sharp lines between the two eyebrows and near eyeholes. Next draw two lines that hook sharply in the white chin.

Fifth: Draw the red color using Chinese ink line. Draw red courage lines in the yin tang centerlines. Draw with the red brush and put apart shapely white side. Draw nose turn over. Then draw two red lines, thin and pithily. Then draw red eyebrow ends and red lip carefully.

Sixth: Draw blue lines and yellow eyebrow ends. Draw blue brow and cheek. Dip yellow color with pen brush and draw white eyebrow yellow color center.

In the last box, the Dou Erdun mask is now finished. The loose lines between the white eyebrows, the white lines under the eyeholes, falling lines, white eyeballs should be drawn loosely. In this way the actor can express eye and mouth developments when he acts. The two hook lines between the two eyebrows is a typical wrinkle and cannot be written or painted too realistically. The courage shape Yin Tang lines stand for Dou Erdun's bravery and his skill.

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