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Opera Face Example Opera Face Example Opera Face Example

In the opera "Steal the Emperor's Horse", there is a character whose name is Dou Erdun. Using this Pu style mask as an example we will introduce the program of face drawing with pain. Look at the pictures below.

First: : Clean the face and put on base powder. After leaning the face, dip rare fine color by the fingers and knead the whole face completely, in order to knead away dirty fat from face, making it easy for the drawing the outline of the sketch.

Second: Decide and draw eyes, and the sides of the nose. Dip fine blue color by hand and apply to the forehead column lines and cheek's approximate contour; then dip fine black paint and fix the position of the eyes, nose sides, and put apart the white eyeballs position inside the eyeholes. Because the above two steps are completed only by the fingers it is called "Knead by fingers."

Third: Draw white powder base. Herein after draw with pen brush. First, draw courage shape Yin Tang lines, eyebrows, white lines between the two eyebrows, white lines under eye socket, colored nose sides base, two white falling lines near side of the nose. Then draw white eyeballs in the black eyeholes. Lastly, draw the chin white.

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